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Zam-Buk Captain Fawcett Herbal soap

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Manufacturer Captain Fawcett

Herbal soap Zam-Buk Captain Fawcett

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A green miracle popular with the great Harry Houdini during his magic performances. A blend of essential oils known for its antiseptic properties, a product praised by soldiers, discoverers, daredevils, field nurses and family doctors.


Captain Fawcett

English brand that specializes in the production of luxury "old fashioned" cosmetics. The company is named after Edwardian captain Peabody Fawcett, who disappeared in 1905 on an expedition to Africa. In 1997, his suitcase was found full of oils, ointments and balms, which he produced himself. Based on the ingredients used, London cosmetics Captain Fawcett were created. At present, it offers everything a real man needs - aids and preparations for grooming, shaving or men's fragrance.

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