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Andis beSPOKE Trimmer

Introducing the Innovative Wireless Charging Trimmer: Sleek Design for Precision and Style

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6 999 Kč with VAT
5 784 Kč VAT exc.

Introducing the Innovative Wireless Charging Trimmer: Sleek Design for Precision and Style

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Availability: In stock
Availability: In stock
6 999 Kč
5 784 Kč VAT exc.

Andis beSPOKE Trimmer


Andis beSPOKE Trimmer

Experience the cutting-edge technology of wireless charging and a sleek design to sculpt, polish, and refine your haircuts. The trimmer's GTX-Z Blade allows you to finish your haircuts with both style and precision.

What's Included: 

  • ✅ Attachment Combs: Achieve the desired length and style with ease
  • ✅ Blade Brush: Keep your blade clean and well-maintained
  • ✅ Blade Oil: Ensure smooth operation and extend the blade's lifespan
  • ✅ Cord Pack Adapter: Allows corded use when needed
  • ✅ Wireless Induction Charger Stand: Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging
  • ✅ International Power Adapters: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Europe, UK - Charge your trimmer anywhere in the world

Product Specifications: 

  • Model: CTB
  • Item Number: 74135
  • UPC Code: 040102741357
  • Dimensions: Length 7.00 in, Width 2.00 in, Depth 1.75 in
  • Weight: 7.8 oz

Motor Specifications: 

  • Clipper Motor Type: Rotary
  • Strokes per Minute: MAX 6500 SPM

Upgrade your grooming game with this innovative wireless charging trimmer, designed to provide the perfect blend of precision, style, and convenience.


One of the world's most sought-after manufacturers of hair, beard and hair care tools, was born in 1922 in the USA, in Racine, Wisconsin.

The founder of this family business, Matthew Andis, specialized in the first years on hair clippers for home and professional use and on dog clippers. The company successfully expanded and in 1971 began to expand its range of hair straighteners, curling irons, hair dryers and machines for cutting other domestic animals.
With Andis leading the fourth generation, they continue to supply the world market with more and more innovation. They have about 400 employees and export to 90 countries.
Their quiet, light and powerful machines, hair dryers, curling irons and other hairdressing supplies have become a real phenomenon among professionals in the field.
Code: 74135
Manufacturer ANDIS
Cutting width: 32 mm
Suitable for: professional use
Color: black
Mass: 136 g
What I want to cut
Hair YES
Power supply
Cordless YES
Machine focus
For a complete cut YES
For details YES

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