Rotary vs. Electromagnetic Motor Tools

When choosing a tool, it is important to look at the motor type. Wahl Professional tools come in two different types of motor style: Rotary and Electromagnetic. So, what are the differences? Below are the features and benefits for each motor type.


WAHL Cordless Senior


Rotary Motor

-Runs cooler than a standard electromagnetic motor tool

-Stronger motor—Won’t bog down even on the thickest of hair textures.

-Great for thicker hair, bulk removal, and heavy duty cutting

-This is the primary motor for cordless tools

-Some of our most popular rotary motor tools include the 5 star Detailer, Cordless Magic Clip, Cordless Senior and Hero!


Electromagnetic Motor

-Faster blade speed—14,400 strokes per minute (SPM)


-Energy efficient—uses less power than other motor types

-Longer lasting due to fewer moving parts


-Did you know: Leo Wahl invented the first electromagnetic motor powered clipper in 1919!!!

-Some of our most popular electromagnetic motor tools include the Senior, Designer and Magic Clip!

Date of publication 13. 11. 2019

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