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Razor DOVO Solingen 10580026 N - Barbarossa - olive

New luxury men's razor for the finest shave from the German brand DOVO Solingen. The 5/8" blade is carbon steel and the handle is selected olive wood.

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3 500 Kč with VAT
2 893 Kč VAT exc.

New luxury men's razor for the finest shave from the German brand DOVO Solingen. The 5/8" blade is carbon steel and the handle is selected olive wood.

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Availability: Out of stock
3 500 Kč
2 893 Kč VAT exc.

Razor DOVO Solingen 10580026 N - Barbarossa - olive

Shaving razor DOVO Solingen 10580026 N - Barbarossa

The 5/8" inch DOVO Barbarossa Razor is designed for the needs of barbers and beard lovers. Its short blade is particularly dexterous and precise in use, allowing the user to shape their beard and contours with millimeter precision. The image of the famous bearded Emperor Barbarossa on the blade is presented as visual highlighting of the razor's perfect workmanship

  • Shaving razor made of high quality carbon steel
  • handle: olive wood - olive wood is a unique natural material. It is harder than original oak or beech wood and is highly resistant to mold growth. Even unedited
  • olive is characterized by an above-average resistance to water, which of course makes it the perfect material for the handles of razors, razors and shaving brushes
  • blade width 5/8"
  • sharpening / shape: concave sharpening on the classic blade shape - with the so-called "hollow" sharpening, the blade is sharpened concavely from the spine to the edge.
  • This cutting shape combines great flexibility
  • with high torsional stiffness in the longitudinal direction. The dynamics of the blade ensures a very gentle and smooth shave accompanied by a very characteristic sound,
  • which manifests itself in a short
  • the swing of the razor while shaving the beard
  • manufacturer: DOVO Solingen - original Solingen Germany

DOVO Solingen, Merkur Solingen

The German company DOVO Solingen celebrated its centenary in 2006 together with its subsidiary Merkur Solingen.

Its products include professional hairdressing scissors, manicure scissors, shaving equipment, manicure sets.

DOVO started with thirteen employees producing razors. A law passed in 1938 to protect the Solingen name gave her more pride and a sense of security in this trademark, as well as an even greater sense of local identity.

The company chose a knight with a sword and a hammer as its emblem, which valiantly penetrated the markets of Western Europe and North America.

Thanks to the mass introduction of the electric shaver, the management of the DOVO company is looking for a second source of income, so it starts with the production of hair scissors. At that time, the company's technicians personally visited hairdressing salons in Solingen and asked the hairdressers which scissors would be most suitable for them.

When the young developers arrived in 1951, the scissor production began to become a huge success and DOVO once again entered the markets of North (and later South) America and Western Europe, but this time with scissors.

Thanks to the success of the scissors, the company establishes a subsidiary company, Merkur Solingen, to produce shaving accessories, which are a global success and open up new markets for the company in Asia, especially in Russia and the Arabian Peninsula.

All DOVO and Merkur Solingen products are originals made in Solingen, Germany, famous for the highest quality European steel.

Code: 10580026 N
Manufacturer DOVO Solingen

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