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WAHL LI Cordless Detailer

Wireless version of the popular Detailer outliner from the American brand Wahl. Wide T-Blade, clipping height 0.4 mm. Li-ion battery with an operating time of 100 min.

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Wireless version of the popular Detailer outliner from the American brand Wahl. Wide T-Blade, clipping height 0.4 mm. Li-ion battery with an operating time of 100 min.

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Detailer accessories

Blade 32 mm and blade 38 mm and attachment combs.
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Clipper oils

Don't forget to oil your machine to extend its life and enhance its performance. We suggest these formulas:
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Cleaning and disinfectant sprays

For cleaning, disinfection and instant cooling of the blade we recommend:
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Availability: In stock
Availability: In stock
4 208 Kč
3 478 Kč VAT exc.

WAHL LI Cordless Detailer

Wireless version of the popular Detailer outliner from Wahl.

Try one of the best outliners today - Cordless Detailer Li from the American brand Wahl , which has dominated the world of clipping machines for almost 100 years. Especially in the barber world, the classic Detailer is a legend, which is why its battery version has long been expected.

The Wahl Cordless Detailer LI boasts an all-metal T-Blade Wide clipping blade with a width of 38 mm and a clipping height of 0.4 mm . Battery operation is ensured by a high - quality Li-Ion battery with an extended service life and without a memory effect. Charging time is 60 minutes and in full operation the machine lasts up to 100 minutes . The machine also has a "quick charge" function, which in practice means 5 minutes of charging for 14 minutes of operation. You will certainly appreciate the elegant and yet ergonomic manufacturing, which simply fits in your hand and pleases the eye. The machine is extremely light - it weighs only 186 grams , so it is a pleasure to work with it all day. The Cordless Detailer Li is powered by a reliable rotary engine with an output of 6800 rpm .


The package contains 3 plastic additional attachment combs. The height of the additional ridges is 1 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm . A charging stand with an adapter is obligatory. The set also includes a barber comb and pre-fade brush , a cleaning brush to remove hair residue, a blade guard and a basic mini oiler with mineral oil for the first few uses.

Key properties:

  • ultimate cordless outlining machine
  • retains the excellent properties of the classic Detailer, without the need for a cable
  • Highly efficient Li-Ion battery - ideal for continuous operation
  • "fast charge" function - within 5 minutes the battery is charged for 14 minutes of operation
  • professional rotary motor with high power (6800 rpm) and long life
  • robust, classic shape
  • quality metal chrome-plated T-Blade clipping blade, 38 mm wide with a clipping height of 0.4 mm
  • very light weight - only 186 g (without cable)
  • cable length - 2.4 m
  • Accessories: 3 attachment combs - # 1 (1 mm) • # 1 (3 mm) • # 1 (4 mm), charging stand, adapter, barber comb, barber pre-fade brush, cleaning brush, oiler with special oil for clipping blade, blade guard
  • ideal for a barber shop
  • manufacturer: WAHL USA


Barber's tip: "One of the most popular outlining machines in hairdressing and barber salons and finally without a cable! Simplicity, quality and reliability. Ideal for combos for 5 Star series machines - eg Magic Clip, Super Taper, etc. For long life, don't forget to oil the blade properly. If necessary, this blade can be professionally resharpened. "




Wahl Professional is a US company founded in 1919 by Lee J. Wahl, who in the same year patented the world’s first electric hair clipping machine. The company then became a leader in the hair dressing market as well as home hair styling.

In 1967 the company introduced the first cordless chargeable clipping machine and started marketing it in 1971,  immediately seizing 90% of the US hair clipping market. In 1987 the company invented its first curling iron and started producing various types of hair dryers. In 1996 Wahl acquires german hair clippers producing companies Moser and Ermila, becoming the world’s biggest hair clipper producing company. The range of products then grows rapidly and the company introduces the world’s first hair straightener.

In 2009 Wahl celebrated its 90th anniversary as a pioneer in manufacturing of home and professional hair care products.

Code: 08171-016
Manufacturer WAHL
Color: silver-brown
Weight: 186 g
Clipping width: 32 mm
Battery life: up to 120 minutes
Battery charging: up to 135 minutes
Suitable for: professional use
Color: skull

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