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Beardburys Shaving Art Razor

2 433 Kč
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Code: 0433224
Manufacturer Beardburys / Carobels

Beardburys' Shaving Art barber razor is handcrafted with an angular wooden handle and a long blade made from a premium metal alloy. An elegant and highly functional tool for the classic shaving technique. The Shaving Art is compatible with Feather® razor blades. It achieves an extreme shave that is only suitable for professionals.

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Hairdressing razor BEARDBURYS 0433224 Navaja Shaving Art

  • hairdressing / barber cutting and healing razor
  • thanks to its lightness and ergonomic shape, it is an ideal tool for traditional shaving
  • guarantees a hygienic shave without irritating the skin
  • premium metal alloy
  • material: wooden handle
  • elegant retro design
  • compatible with Feathers razors
  • production: BEARDBURYS - CAROBELS - Spain

Beardburys by Carobels is a complete men's cosmetics 100% made in Spain. At present, it also focuses on the technical side of the hairdressing world and it adds clippers and other professional accessories to its portfolio. Beardburys is a part of Carobels brand family, which has more than 35 years of experience in cosmetics.

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