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Pliers DOVO Solingen 126,556 HAPTIKOS

Unique design and precise cut. With these stainless steel and extremely sharp pliers, cutting any nails will be literally a breeze for you. Read more
3 499 Kč with VAT
2 892 Kč VAT exc.
Unique design and precise cut. With these stainless steel and extremely sharp pliers, cutting any nails will be literally a breeze for you. Read more
Availability: In stock
Availability: In stock
3 499 Kč
2 892 Kč VAT exc.

Pliers DOVO Solingen 126,556 HAPTIKOS

Professional nail clippers DOVO Solingen 125 556 R SAT. - HAPTIKOS

  • top quality - precise design
  • material: stainless Solingen steel - they are suitable for sterilizers
  • precise, firm and very sharp jaws, very precise tip
  • size: 5.5 "
  • surface finish: matt stainless steel (R SAT.)
  • unique design (Design Center Stuttgart) with maximum emphasis on functionality
  • leaf spring, terminated spec. plastic end cap - design suitable for sterilizers
  • extended handles for easier and more comfortable grip and for the possibility of developing more cutting force - especially suitable for professional everyday work
  • solid leather protective case with locking - protects the pliers and especially the sharp tip from damage
  • manufacturer: DOVO Solingen - original Solingen Germany

DOVO dating in Solingen, Merkur Solingen

The German company DOVO Solingen celebrated its centenary in 2006 together with its subsidiary Merkur Solingen.

Its products include professional hairdressing scissors, manicure scissors, shaving supplies, manicure sets.

The DOVO company started with the production of razors with thirteen employees. A law passed in 1938 to protect the name Solingen gave it more pride and a sense of security for the trademark, as well as an even greater sense of local identity.

The company chose a knight with a sword and a hammer as its emblem, which vigorously penetrated the markets in Western Europe and North America.

Thanks to the mass introduction of the electric shaver, the management of the DOVO company is looking for a second source of income, so it starts with the production of hair scissors. At that time, the company's technicians personally went around the hairdressing salons in Solingen and found out from the hairdressers which scissors would be most suitable for them.

When young developers came in 1951, the production of scissors began to be a huge success, and DOVO was once again entering the markets in North (later South) America and Western Europe, but this time with scissors.

Thanks to the success of the scissors, the company establishes a subsidiary, Merkur Solingen, to produce shaving supplies that are a worldwide success and that open up new markets for the company in Asia, especially in Russia and the Arabian Peninsula.

All products of the companies DOVO and Merkur Solingen are originals made in Solingen, Germany, famous for the highest quality European steel.

Code: 126 556
Manufacturer DOVO Solingen
Surface finish
Matt - stainless steel YES
For fingernails YES

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